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Day 1

8:00AM - 8:45AM

Kelly Twigger

ESI Attorneys; eDiscovery Assistant
Kelly is the Principal, ESI Attorneys and CEO, eDiscovery AssistantRecognized by Corporate eDiscovery in 2018 as one of the voices driving the conversation in ediscovery, Kelly Twigger is a practicing attorney, software developer, blogger, author, and speaker on issues in electronic discovery and legal technology. As Principal at ESI Attorneys, Kelly manages a boutique ediscovery and...

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ESI Attorneys is a team of geeks. Lovers of technology and information hounds. Most importantly, it’s a team of legal and records management professionals who want to see its clients do better. If you’d like to learn more about Kelly Twigger and Lindy Naj, stop by and read their bios (they’re not ones to brag, but we got a fair bit of information out of them).

8:45AM - 9:45AM
Track 1

Corporate counsel and law firms are under significant pressure to deliver services more cost-effectively and efficiently. The alignment of the legal services value chain is very important to achieve success. Process, technology and business model innovation changes need to evolve to meet the needs of all the parties that consume and deliver these services. How do we identify, evaluate, implement and measure internal and external improvements? In this session you will learn from expert practitioners from corporations, law firms and 3rd party vendors on what they currently do and what kind of process, technology or business model improvements will help going forward.

9:45AM - 10:45AM
Track 1

With electronic information driving discovery, the agreement the parties reach on how to handle ESI should be the guiding force for discovery on a matter. This panel will explore how to identify the case specific issues to be included in the ESI Protocol, issues to consider on form of production, types of ESI to be included and accommodated, privilege and inadvertent production protections and third party discovery. We’ll also address how to use the agreement throughout the matter to educate the court on issues, reduce disputes and provide a clear framework for discovery that all parties can follow. The result is a more efficient discovery process that reduces costs and distractions and allows counsel to focus on the merits of the case. 

9:45AM - 10:45AM
Track 2

The latest discussion in how IP and Data needs to be protected with the growing number of ways this data is sought to be stolen. 

10:45AM - 11:00AM

Joanna Roman

Flatwater Forensics
Owner and Director
Joanna Roman, Owner and Director of Flatwater Forensics, LLC, a consultancy designed to navigate its clients through the increasing digital complexity of law and business.Joanna draws on over 25 years of expertise in ESI and digital litigation in federal and state courts across the country as a trial and complex-litigation paralegal, and as an eDiscovery liaison.As a project manager and investigator,...

Flatwater Forensics is a litigation consultancy providing real, actionable analysis of complex Electronically Stored Information, converting raw digital discovery into cogent, admissible evidence that drives investigation and litigation outcomes.

Operating under the privileged relationship between counsel and litigation consultant, Flatwater works in rapid, confidential consultation with counsel to develop, investigate and vet evidentiary and substantive theories that can be tested, verified and proved by digital evidence. Whether in support of internal investigations and information security or to pursue legal claims, Flatwater renders the turbulent sea of digital evidence navigable.

Flatwater offers a unique team that combines experienced, seasoned trial lawyers who understand the lawsuit’s legal and factual issues with technologically-savvy analysts skilled at finding digital evidence that may otherwise go unexploited. We know the digital evidence lawyers need, why they need it, where to find it and how to prepare it for court.

Ultimately, Flatwater is committed to an interactive and feedback-based consultation. While other forensic consultants stop at the provision of voluminous and opaque forensic outputs that are difficult to use, Flatwater provides the critical last mile in the digital-evidentiary chain—connecting the forensics with the case—crafting tactical and strategic analysis to win motions, depositions, examinations and trials.

Flatwater Forensics has been vetted and approved by ClariLegal, an industry-defining vendor-management platform dedicated to supporting only elite legal-services vendors. ClariLegal's rigorous and in-depth vetting process tests every level of a vendor's services from the perspective that matters the most—from its clients. The ClariLegal seal means you can trust that Flatwater will provide class-leading, client-centric services that embody the ClariLegal ethos and sense of value. 

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Track 1

The reasonable anticipation or filing of a litigation case is only one event that can trigger a need for eDiscovery. These days, eDiscovery also plays an important part in conducting investigations to meet compliance, due diligence or regulatory enforcement requirements. In this session, the panelists will share experiences and provide examples of the use of eDiscovery technology and best practices to meet investigative objectives. 

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Track 2

How Blockchain is Changing the Legal Landscape: Join the panel as they explore "what" Blockchain is and how it is disrupting the legal, financial and data security industries. Attendees will walkaway with a better practical understanding of the technology along some practical examples of how and where it is being used.

12:00PM - 1:35PM

Robert E Childress III

The Master's Conference
Robert Childress is recognized as one of the 20 most influential people in the legal software industry. Throughout the years, he has held senior positions with a number of key technology corporations including LexisNexis, Thomson & Thomson, Elsevier Science, CXA, Inc., McGrawHill, Shepards, Wave Software, The Lawyer Charity Challenge and most currently The Masters Conference. While at LexisNexis,...

Catherine Casey

Chief Innovation Officer
Ediscovery evangelist and thought leader at DISCO, the leading legal SaaS company reshaping the practice of law. In this role, I drive continual improvement and innovation at DISCO as the company continues to disrupt and improve the practice of law in ediscovery and far beyond. Combining a decade and a half of experience running global discovery programs for AmLaw 200 firms, the Big Four and at service...

Joy Murao

Practice Aligned Resources
Global Legal Technology & Operations Executive
Joy Murao, Founder and CEO of Practice Aligned Resources, is recognized industry-wide as a leader in the litigation support industry. She brings decades of experience, having led some of the most well-respected global practice support groups, to her consulting practice. Blending education with technological agnosticism, Joy focuses on aligning people, process and technology to best fit her clients’...

Megan Moloney

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Senior Strategy, Risk, and Compliance Manager
Meg Moloney currently serves as a Senior Strategy, Risk, and Compliance Manager with IT Branch of the FBI. She has more than 15 years of legal, compliance, and risk management experience. Prior to joining the FBI, Meg worked as an Investigator for the Office of Internal Oversight Services of the United Nations (UN) and as a litigator and independent monitor in a Manhattan-based commercial law firm...

Join the conference for a catered lunch and The Master's Conference Fast Forum where speakers will share their experiences in 15 minutes with a range of topics. 

1:45PM - 2:45PM
Track 1

 Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the legal profession as it has done in finance, entertainment, healthcare, and manufacturing and this has some lawyers and technologists worried. There is an emerging approach to machine learning and AI  that focused on augmenting and amplifying human intelligence rather than replacing it.   Leveraging an augmented intelligence model powered by things like advanced analytics, continual active learning (CAL) and machine translation, lawyers can supercharge their decision making and reduce time to insight.   Today's AI technology is perfect for repetitive tasks that require human intelligence where an increase in productivity and decrease in errors and cost are the goals, document review is an ideal candidate for the application of AI technology and its benefits. Leveraging augmented intelligence in ediscovery can find evidence faster, increase efficiency, and decrease errors while reducing the overall cost exponentially.

1:45PM - 2:45PM
Track 2

Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance Module includes an eDiscovery application. This panel will provide an overview of how to set up a legal hold, a case, search and export using the E3 and E5 Advanced Discovery features.

2:45PM - 3:00PM

Chad Papenfuss

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
Litigation Support Director
Results –driven project management and legal technology operations professional, with award winning experience, in driving project, operations, and organizational success that includes a track record of consistently exceeding business expectations. Unique proficiency in bringing together different business cultures, while promoting the “ultimate client experience”, in translating...

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck is a unique law firm. Walk into any of our offices and you’ll immediately recognize a different type of energy. Complacency doesn’t have a place here. Flexibility and inspiration do. Our culture and enthusiasm allow our attorneys, policy consultants and legal staff to stay ahead of our clients’ needs and provide them with the resources they require to meet their business objectives.

It’s a contagious energy here. We attract the top professionals from around the country because few places provide better opportunities to work at such a high level on such meaningful projects. The attorneys, policy consultants and staff here consistently find themselves ranked among the nation’s best and brightest. In law. In politics. And in business. We pass on those skills—and our contagious energy—to our clients, applying all our multi-disciplinary resources to their success.

You’ll see us involved in some of the biggest cases and most significant deals around the country, as well as the most important legislation affecting business in America. But you’ll also see us deeply committed to the communities in which we practice. We donate both our energy and our financial commitment to much-needed charitable causes, pro bono legal cases, community organizations and industry associations. Bettering our world from the inside out—it’s the very core of who we are.

When the stakes are high and conventional solutions are not enough. When your reputation, business or industry is on the line. Our deep experience, multi-disciplinary approach and political connections deliver results. Because today, successful outcomes require more than just practicing law.




DISCO was initially developed at a litigation boutique in Houston. It was born out of the firm’s frustration with conventional ediscovery tools that were slow and difficult for lawyers to use. Instead of being forced to adapt our work methods to technology, we wanted to invent technology that works the way lawyers work. DISCO was the result, and today we are the fastest-growing ediscovery solution in North America.

As the leading provider of software as a service solutions developed by lawyers for lawyers, DISCO is reinventing legal technology to automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract from practicing law. DISCO has been embraced by more than 400 law firms, including 75 of the top Am Law 200, as their first choice for innovative technologies that enhance the practice of law to help secure justice and win cases.

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Track 1

A document is “anything on which information of any kind is recorded.” That used to mean paper, then electronic documents - emails, Word files and the like - which were recognizable as documents. Now we have messages exchanged via Slack, WhatsApp, Snap, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and others. We create data which does not have any accessible text - photographs, videos, audio files - and send that to each other. Our devices may track our every move and some apps, and websites store that data. Beyond that we have data being created about us by others or by semi-autonomous machines; some of that sits in our homes and offices; some is captured by CCTV or telephone recordings.

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Track 2

"Big data" is a term for the collection of large and complex data sets and the analysis of these data sets for relationships. Big data has only become possible in recent years with advances in technology and understanding the possibilities of teh use of data. While there are many benefits to the growth of big data analytics, traditional methods of privacy protections often fail. Many notions of privacy rely on informed consent for the disclosure and use of an individual's private data. However, big data means that data is a resource that can be used and reused, often in ways that were inconceivable at the time the data was collected. 

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Track 1

The potential discoverable data sources in today's mobile device and technology-enabled world have expanded to mountainous proportions. Identifying and preserving this relevant data, as well as presenting it in a usable and persuasive format is paramount to gaining the upper hand in any electronic discovery related investigation. Our panelists will discuss the various types of emerging data sources not to be overlooked as well as identify how each can be connected to tell a better story.

5:15PM - 7:00PM

Catherine Casey

Chief Innovation Officer
Ediscovery evangelist and thought leader at DISCO, the leading legal SaaS company reshaping the practice of law. In this role, I drive continual improvement and innovation at DISCO as the company continues to disrupt and improve the practice of law in ediscovery and far beyond. Combining a decade and a half of experience running global discovery programs for AmLaw 200 firms, the Big Four and at service...

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