Social GDPR- Controlling the Uncontrollable and Reinventing eDiscovery

Jun 20th, 2017

GDPR experts can agree on one thing: Unstructured content is one of the largest challenges standing in the way of strong information governance, and risking 4% of your global revenues. Join Powerhouses Mastercard, GoDaddy, and EY as they talk about the new disruptive field of Social GDPR, and the effect of unstructured content. You'll be enlightened by the risks, the opportunities, and how to develop a future-proof strategy for controlling up to 30% of your content that's "hidden in plain sight."

What you'll learn:

Cycle time management: Hear what today’s leading experts are doing to reduce eDiscovery cycle time when collecting web content.
Smart policies: Learn the who, what, where, why, and how’s of using communication platforms like Slack, Yammer, and Confluence.
Search, target, review: Find the information that matters, how to workspace connectivity and integration techniques.