Ari Kaplan Interview

Jul 20th, 2017
If you would like to grow your organization. If you are struggling on finding the right way to expand sales. If you are flat on new ideas. Then it is time you give me a call. #ediscovery #masterconf @mastersconf #cybersecurity 
Mr. Childress has continued to impact the many lives, companies and your day to day roles within the legal industry. If you are part of diversity groups, use legal research or products for processing and review Mr. Childress has had a role. Mr. Childress is a visioner that focuses on bettering the legal community in all aspects.  Mr. Childress recognized as one of the 25 most influential people in the legal industry. From the cover of magazines, news organizations and articles he has been a force in improving our industry. Over 25 years, he has held executive positions with some key legal corporations including Lexis-Nexis 5a Security, Thomson & Thomson, Elsevier Science, McGrawHill, Shepards, Wave Software and founder of The Masters Conference. Early in his career at LexisNexis, Childress managed product design, software sales for During his tenure; Childress has been awarded numerous contracts from clients such as the FBI, CIA, White House, Homeland Security, McDonald's, Google, Littler, Walmart which have bolstered many company’s already elite portfolio of customers. Among his many achievements, Childress is the founder of the Masters Conference and the co-founder of a charity golf events, networking groups and associations for lawyers. Mr. Childress has been featured many times over the years within National Register Who’s Who,  LTN Florida IT, Chicago Lawyer Legal Technology, BNA, INC. ARMA, EDRM Quarterly. He is now part of the board of ACEDS, LTPI and serves on advisory roles within in many associations.  
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