Discussion on how the legal technology space has changed. Clark Rickman talks about development of real time search analytics on large data sets.

Aug 28th, 2017
About Clark Rickman:
Results-oriented entrepreneur with extensive leadership, sales and marketing experience. Has worked extensively across the Litigation and Education technology industries. Software designer and consultant with over 30 years mobile application design experience across all platforms, as well as 20 years of sales leadership, software design and development management and quality assurance expertise. Certified in quality systems assessment and value based selling. Vice President of Special Projects at Cicayda, LLC and principle of Daggero Development, a software design and development consulting firm located in Middle Tennessee.
About Cicayda:
Cicayda is a software company delivering 100% cloud-based e-discovery applications. Led by venerable legal technology and legal professionals, the cicayda suite of e-discovery tools includes legal hold management, processing, review, and real time search/analytics results. Cicayda provides on-demand legal professionals for any size or type of document review, whether an eDiscovery project, contract review, compliance, due diligence review, or responding to a government investigation. About the name: A blue-eyed cicada is that one-in-a-million cicada, genetically unique. Our cloud-based platform gives lawyers the best chance of finding that one-in-a-million document in the torrential swarm and loud noise of eDiscovery. www.cicayda.com