ClariLegal Reduces Cost Overruns-ILTA 2017

Aug 24th, 2017

ClariLegal is a vendor management platform and marketplace that simplifies the buying of services needed for legal work that corporations and law firms require. Both buyers and service providers benefit from reduced costs, time saved, better quality, enhanced communication and improved transparency. ClariLegal allows buyers and sellers to be in control of the work instead of the work controlling them.

Our Founder and CEO, Cash Butler, spent over 10 years in various leadership roles for multiple service providers in the litigation services industry. As such, he played a pivotal role in some of the most widely publicized lawsuits of the past decade. Having experienced the full spectrum of litigation discovery projects ranging from very large and extremely complex to small and straight forward, he was a firsthand witness to many of the industry’s inefficiencies and those experiences lead him to found ClariLegal.

In an effort to choose the best service for their needs corporate customers and law firms ask to define project requirements and then to compare vendor proposals to perform the work. Unfortunately, each vendor uses its own terminology and has different line item pricing which results in a very time intensive process. These are reluctantly accepted by both customers and vendors alike as “coming with the territory” and are at the heart of
what ClariLegal is all about.

Focused on solutions to these key issues ClariLegal helps people, corporations, law firms, and service providers involved in litigation eliminate these unnecessary challenges, improve timeliness and effectiveness all while reducing costs.

The ClariLegal Solution segments these inefficiencies into three areas that present opportunities
for improvement:

  • Procurement
  • Workflow
  • Project Tracking

The ClariLegal Litigation Services Marketplace and Management Platform does exactly that. ClariLegal’s mission of providing multiple benefits to all stakeholders in the discovery process: the service providers, the corporations and law firms who represent them is firmly rooted in everything we do.

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