Even some of the foremost thinking law firms are still focusing on the written word, but most are ignoring the digital event. Don’t fear the growing data—use it to gain richer analysis. Data analytics and visualization have been counted on in the business world for years. Why not do the same in litigation?

Data is all around us, with the expectation of over one hundred trillion digital events every day by 2020. In the current digital reality, individuals leave digital breadcrumbsevidence—of their lives across an ever-expanding number of sources. The power of this information is not necessarily in the content but rather the context associated with the event of the message. Using powerful algorithms that have been prewritten against multiple types of litigation, we analyze data from disparate sources, together in one platform, providing unique insights to help case teams craft powerful data-driven, case narratives. With the xIOT technology, data becomes easier to understand and can be transformed from information to actionable knowledge, allowing our clients to make solid strategic decisions, helping them win the battles and resolve the matters. This is the xIOT platform.