About Trustify

Trustify is the first technology platform to connect clients across the United States to the only nationwide network of highly trained, vetted private investigators. We provide affordable, confidential, on-demand access to experienced professionals - without the typical large retainer charged by most traditional private investigation agencies.

Our technology provides transparency during the investigation, powering a direct connection between client and investigator. The result of this real-time communication? Cases are solved quickly, efficiently, and much more affordably.

Why Trustify Was Created

Trustify Co-founders, Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice, built a business that would change the world for the better.  As serial entrepreneurs who founded four startups collectively, they started Trustify on the premise that it would have a social mission, be fully data-driven and built by the most talented and diverse team

Jen’s professional experience as Executive Director of a large international child welfare organization, influencing foreign governments and creating international policies advocating for the world’s most vulnerable children, and Danny’s experience coming from an abusive childhood set the foundation for this company.  Once married, they agreed it was time to build a business together that would be different; one built to last, one incorporating all of the values they hold dear, and one making a true difference in their local community and the world.  

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