A company philosophy doesn’t just happen. It forms over time and evolves with input from inside and outside the organization. It encompasses, and is influenced by, what we’ve learned and experienced over time.  It becomes what we stand for and what we believe.  TCDI’s company philosophy is best described by our beliefs:


Clients aren’t everything; they’re the only thing.


Since the beginning we’ve focused on doing what it takes to deliver for our clients.  Whether it’s developing our software to meet their specific needs or providing tireless attention and support to their projects, we operate with a clear understanding of the client’s voice in everything we do. We know that if we take care of our clients, everything else will take care of itself.


Don’t try and be something for everyone.


We believe this to be true in both the services we offer and the number of clients with whom we work. We aren’t looking to collect a large number of clients by seeking individual, one-off projects. Instead, we’re interested in working with a smaller number of clients, but working in deeper, longer-lasting relationships where we concentrate our resources on what we do best and we make a difference as a part of our clients’ team.


Satisfaction is the first step on the road to dissatisfaction.


It’s not enough to be good, or even great. We must get better.  We work in a fast changing environment with challenges and requirements growing all the time. We believe in a culture and mindset that looks at everything we do with an eye toward enhancing and improving.

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