Are you listening to what your legal business is telling you?

We will. At Modus, we listen to what really matters. No, we’re not just another eDiscovery company, nor a loosely defined managed services firm. We’re leaders in a more advanced category of eDiscovery business intelligence services designed specifically for law firms and corporations to help them improve their entire legal operations – not just their individual eDiscovery matters.

We call it Discovery Intelligence. (i.e. Business Intelligence for the Legal Industry)

Discovery Intelligence is a complete paradigm shift in the way we orchestrate people, processes and technology to inspire exemplary data management results. It’s the end-result of all eDiscovery and data management matters – the business intelligence you gain from the knowledge you obtain.

What Makes Modus Unique?

Communication – between people, processes and technologies to optimize business results. 

Forged with Modus’ advanced technology solutions, highly-refined processes and genuine people, communication is the catalyst that makes everything happen.  Based upon a core foundation of “listening”, Modus’ advanced suite of eDiscovery, consulting and managed services / solutions enable law firms and corporations to leverage critical business intelligence to make better-informed decisions and optimize legal business results.

Some say listening is a lost art. At Modus, it’s found in our DNA and in everything we do – for our clients, their customers and our employees. It’s the powerful path that helps our clients obtain the business Intelligence they need to optimize their legal business.

In short, communication, with an emphasis on listening, is what makes Modus unique.