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About Mainstay Legal

At Mainstay Legal we understand how important our services can be. We understand how important it can be for us to provide our services accurately and in a timely fashion. And we understand that we are generally not the core piece of a legal battle, investigation, or government request.

Mainstay is defined as “A thing on which something else is based or depends”.

Our Team at Mainstay Legal has provided support throughout the discovery process for written discovery, document production, and oral depositions.  For over 20 years Mainstay Legal has been a cornerstone in the Dallas Legal Community providing our corporate and law firm clients with support locally and across the nation focused on the needs of the case and the needs of the legal team.

Our Team’s Experience and commitment to our clients brings knowledge and experience when and where it is needed. With an average tenure of a decade across all employees and across all departments we have the know-how and the ability to take any project in the right direction.

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