Litigation Support Today

It only seems like yesterday when the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended back on December 1, 2006.  It appears that a new round of changes may be just around the corner but hopefully these will enhance and better the process of exchanging ESI.  Philip Favro’s article on page 6 captures what litigation support professionals should be aware of regarding these upcoming amendments.

With 2014 upon us we turn to trends in ediscovery and Scott Giordano’s article on page 2.  The continued growth of mobile devices and the data that may be stored on them pose interesting and challenging problems for litigation support professionals.  Data on mobile devices was considered “off-limits” and burdensome to collect but costs continue to decline and data storage on these devices continues to increase.  They can’t be ignored any longer.  And with the recent Edward Snowden revelations it will be interesting to see how global laws will adapt to protect user’s data.  I’m sure we all look at our smartphone a little differently now…

On the technology front, 2014 promises to see many innovations and upgrades being introduced by vendors. To help you get a preview of upcoming tools and services that can be useful on the job, check out the special section in this issue entitled, “2014 Top Produces on Parade” starting on page 16.