iCyber Solutions

Solutions That Cover Every Aspect Of Cybersecurity
We develop and implement actionable strategies and programs that cover all aspects of cybersecurity, from prevention and mitigation to incident response and recovery.

Information Security Program Development And Assessment
Employing sophisticated tools and recognized industry standards, including those outlined in the NIST cybersecurity framework, we evaluate your current security posture and identify any gaps.

Based on our findings, we then create a detailed security roadmap that lays out prioritized steps related to your people, processes, and technology. Each step also includes estimates for effort, cost, and timing.

Risk Assessment
Many organizations lack a full inventory of their critical information assets and their related risks. Through a comprehensive evaluation, we provide a detailed review of your risks and the controls, processes, and technologies associated with them.

Our risk assessment helps to address issues you’ve dealt with in the past as well as identify prospective risks that might arise moving forward. It’s also pragmatic, focusing on how to balance risk mitigation, business constraints, and financial considerations.

Incident Response
The key to successful incident response is a proactive plan. Working with you, we identify how to prevent security incidents and the steps to take to reduce damage should one occur.

When responding to an incident, our focus is to quickly get you back to business and reduce the likelihood of future events. With investigative experience acquired by conducting hundreds of investigations, we have the expertise to uncover the details of the incident and use them to enhance your security posture.