HayStackID LLC

HAYSTACKID LLC is an international end-to-end litigation support service provider. Our consultation and best-in-breed, technology-driven eDiscovery, forensics, managed review, and other services help law firms and corporations vastly improve operational efficiency, data governance, and financial control.

Cost control and risk management have become two of the most difficult pain points in modern litigation and practice governance. Haystack prides itself on assisting law firms and in-house legal departments in their efforts to optimally streamline workflows and oversight in such a way that proactively mitigates threats and bolsters financial success.

Haystack is a boutique, white-glove managed services firm that stands as the only one of its kind in the litigation support marketplace. As a Relativity Best-in-Service Provider, one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, and an innovator that has created unique proprietary tools such as the Relativity Cellebrite Integrator and eCTD Review Module, Haystack remains as a top choice among law firms and corporations around the globe.