Hanzo Archives

Hanzo provides web archiving products and services to companies whose legal eDiscovery, records management, and compliance requirements demand that their web content be defensibly captured.

The range of web-based ESI is extensive, typically including:

  • Websites, including logged-in accounts, interactive pages, and rich media
  • Public social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Collaborative systems like SharePoint and Wiki’s
  • Private social networks like Chatter, Jive and Yammer

The demand for web archiving products and services has evolved from the broader market for digital content preservation for emails, databases, files, and other content, and before that, the preservation of paper documents, manuscripts, and microfiche. Our business is driven by the explosive growth of web-based information coupled with the need to meet legal, regulatory, compliance, and business intelligence requirements.

Enterprises and governments have embraced web and cloud technologies for communications, advertising, marketing, collaborative work, data storage, competitive intelligence, and product development. This trend is driving the growing need to archive web-based information, to extend its normal life cycle, to ensure that authentic copies are preserved, and to make the information defensibly discoverable. Best practices for regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, information analysis, and brand heritage now require organizations to adopt a legally defensible information governance approach to their web-based ESI and communications.

Hanzo Archives products and services are designed to meet those specific requirements. Our customers, primarily US-based multinationals, confirm that Hanzo’s ISO 28500–compliant WARC-based native-format technologies set the market standard for defensible web archiving, particularly in the large-scale, complex segment.