ESI Attorneys

Electronic discovery got its first inklings of recognition in the legal industry in 2004 on the heels of the Zubulake decisions. That was the year the ABA held its first conference on eDiscovery — what it was, what it meant (and would come to mean), and what challenges faced the legal world on the whole.

Kelly Twigger, Principal of ESI Attorneys, was at that conference. She returned to her firm and led every initiative that would bring that firm into a role as a leader in the eDiscovery realm well before other firms had acknowledged eDiscovery. Let’s just say Kelly had (and still has) initiative – along with a delightful tenacity that places Kelly (and her clients) consistently ahead of eDiscovery trends and best practices.

That initiative created the firm’s first eDiscovery blog, called eDiscovery Bytes. It then created an interdepartmental task force that would build systems designed to protect both the firm and its clients, taking new eDiscovery rules and emerging procedures into account. It would also be the reason that Kelly would ultimately leave that firm and create ESI Attorneys, where she could focus on helping law firms, corporations, and government entities do better in the fields of eDiscovery and Information Law. Most eDiscovery lawyers at firms split their practice between litigation and eDiscovery and they simply don’t have the time to be up on what’s changing in the field every day – and it changes every day. ESI Attorneys doesn’t litigate. Rather, it puts its critical litigation experience to work in creating better systems for eDiscovery every day.

Although she loved litigation, Kelly wanted to partner with her clients to help proactively make their businesses better, rather than be solely reactive when litigation came up. She wanted to help address the issues before they became problems.

And she wanted to help her clients do eDiscovery better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively — to use the power of the information for good. See, it used to be (and sometimes remains the case) that law firms rack up a sizable chunk of billing with inefficient ESI electronic discovery practices. Kelly wasn’t a fan of that. In founding ESI Attorneys, she’s created a law firm that combines the critical litigation experience her clients need with her concentration on all matters in eDiscovery and Information Law. It’s this combination that’s allowed the firm to soar — and have a whole lot of fun soaring along the way.

ESI Attorneys is a team of geeks. Lovers of technology and information hounds. Most importantly, it’s a team of legal and records management professionals who want to see its clients do better.

If you’d like to learn more about Kelly Twigger and Lindy Naj, stop by and read their bios (they’re not ones to brag, but we got a fair bit of information out of them).