ESI Analyst

ESI Analyst empowers digital investigators, legal teams and their clients to quickly isolate and extract relevant information and actionable intelligence from a wide variety of ESI in order to speed strategy development and improve matter collaboration and communication, while reducing overall case costs.

Leveraging the Dublin Core Metadata Interoperability standards, ESI Analyst speeds data analysis by providing metadata ingestion tools with automated matching to Actor profiles. Paired with graphic representation of metadata as well as review and tagging capabilities, investigations culminate in a powerful Timeline presentation of facts. 

ESI Analyst is a cost-effective and affordable self-service cloud-based data investigation platform that aids legal teams, their clients and partners with review and analysis of disparate types of case data spanning text messages, geolocation data, computer activity, social media, financial data and more. The simple easy to use graphical "Click-Through to Investigate" tools render visual representations of your electronic discovery data in order to expedite data assessment, analysis, tagging and review, enabling the rapid understanding of data context combined with the actions of case actors; whether a single individual or multiple actors of varying relevance to your matter.


Additionally, ESI Analyst's cloud-based project team interface allows for collaboration among multiple team members that may be located around the globe. Thereby enabling investigators and counsel to communicate and collaborate, so that they can better advocate on their client’s behalf.