Elysium Digital


Elysium Digital was founded in 1997 and provides an array of world-class services—including expert testimonyIP litigation consultingeDiscoverydigital forensics and security and privacy consulting—to help in-house counsel and law firms succeed in technology-related legal matters. 

Founding and Mission

In 1997, Elysium's founders, Christian Hicks and Peter Creath, made critical contributions to the U.S. v. Microsoft antitrust case. While working on this case with David Boies, testifying expert Edward Felten, and the Department of Justice—and attracting coverage in TIME magazine and other national news outlets—Christian and Peter crystallized Elysium's mission: provide accessible technical expertise to lawyers.

Christian and Peter have led Elysium for more than 15 years. They have significantly expanded the firm's staff and service offerings, and ensured that new staff and services further the mission of making technical expertise accessible and understandable. Clients appreciate that we are able to communicate technical matters in clear, articulate terms appropriate for non-technical audiences.

Expanding Services

We have continued to broaden and deepen our service offerings in support of our mission and our clients. Initially a consulting company, Elysium began directly offering expert witness testimony in intellectual property matters in 2001, and began offering consulting services in computer security starting in 2003.

In 2001, we built a forensics team, which became its own department in 2006 and then rolled out its eDiscovery services as a separate offering in 2013.

We added patent portfolio analysis to Elysium's IP strategy services in 2006, and in 2014, we released Legion Patent, our web-based patent analysis and collaboration tool. Legion brings technology-enabled collaboration to teams of attorneys, consultants, and experts working with patents or portfolios in strategy and litigation settings.

Our growth has made Elysium the leading provider of technical litigation consulting services for in-house counsel, law firms, and government agencies.

Serving Lawyers

Our service-oriented team of testifying experts and technical consultants has been privileged to serve more than 150 law firms and over 500 end clients in hundreds of distinct patent, copyright, trade secret, and forensic cases. We provide the best advice and quality analysis related to technology-related legal matters. 

Our clients know that when they have a matter that touches computer technology, security and privacy, or electronic evidence, a consultation with us adds insight and guides strategy.