eDiscovery Assistant

eDiscovery Assistant is a curated research and learning tool for electronic discovery designed to help lawyers and legal professionals get up to speed quickly on ediscovery issues when issues present. Because electronic discovery is an ever evolving area of the law, staying up to speed on what you need to know is next to impossible while litigating, and eDA is designed to be your on-demand resource for answers that you can implement immediately in your practice. 
eDiscovery Assistant’s case law database is manually curated to include over 5000 decisions on electronic discovery that are tagged by issue, keyword searchable, with filtering by judge, date, jurisdictions and tags. Using eDA,  a user wanting research on authenticating Facebook data would have results from across the country in 4 clicks vs. 5-10 hours of research with a standard research tool.
eDiscovery Assistantl also includes all of the ediscovery rules for all domestic jurisdictions, including FRCP, State Rules, District Court materials, Regulatory materials and ABA rules so that users can find out their obligations for ediscovery as well as the forms they need for their judge in a few clicks. The eDA editors have also written jurisdictional summaries and highlighted the portions of each rule relevant to ediscovery to direct the user exactly where they need to be. 
The checklists and forms section of the database walks users through the various ediscovery processes and gives the user points and tips to follow for engaging with ediscovery.  Our Learning Center, which will be rolled out in August, includes short videos on aspects of all ediscovery concepts to allow them to get up to speed on concepts quickly and implement them in their practice. 
eDiscovery Professors and Students receive complimentary access to eDiscovery Assistant during the term of their class. Please fill out a request for educational access here