Dauntless Discovery

Dauntless Discovery is a global leader in providing eDiscovery services to the legal profession.  Our clients receive the same high-quality work product and customer service with which they are accustomed to receiving from top-tier law firms but at a significantly lower price.

In today’s legal marketplace, corporations have two alternatives when outsourcing their eDiscovery services: a law firm or a legal services provider.  Choosing to use a law firm often equates to unnecessarily high costs. Legal service vendors often lack the expertise and consistency required to provide high-quality results.  Dauntless Discovery focuses on providing value: leveraging innovative technology to their clients’ advantage while simultaneously implementing workflows that offer additional value and cost savings.

The management team of Dauntless Discovery has over 100 years of combined experience providing discovery services for the world’s top law firms and corporations.  They have overseen thousands of discovery projects for Fortune 500 companies, developed industry-leading workflows, and leveraged technology to optimize accuracy and efficiency.

Clients are our top priority.  An integral part of our business is working together with our clients to meet their needs and goals in areas ranging from litigation to investigation to contract management.  Our service-oriented management team utilizes law firm eDiscovery experience, project management training, innovative technology tools and processes, and best-in-class workflows to meet client needs without affecting our clients’ bottom line.  In short, Dauntless aims to always provide top-tier quality services at a competitive price point.

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