Advanced Discovery

Advanced Discovery provides the perfect balance of the right technology and the human factor…

Today, there are many new challenges regarding electronically stored information (ESI), such as the growth of data volumes, new legal rulings, rapidly changing technology, along with the cost associated with staffing, training and implementing software and procedures. This is why the founders of Advanced Discovery saw the need to create a top-tier, full-service electronic discovery provider committed to developing faster, more accurate and cost-effective review processes with the highest level of customer service.

Our people are committed to providing strategic guidance, practical advice and the expert resources needed to meet your discovery requirements.

Our people consist of:

• Project Managers
• Expert Attorney Reviewers
• Forensic Consultants
• Technology Specialists
• Workflow Design Consultants
• Programmers
• Trainers

Through every step of the process, we will help validate your workflow, communicate considerations and recommend best practices based on our experience.

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