William Odom


William Odom is a Director at FRA in the Digital Forensics Team. He has over 21 years of experience in computer forensics investigations, intrusion investigations, electronic discovery and expert testimony. He leads teams in conducting digital forensic and intrusion investigations into complex global matters, including theft of intellection property, external cyber attacks, insider threat, and data manipulation.

Prior to joining FRA, William was a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young in the Forensic Technology and Dispute Services (FTDS) team of Ernst & Young’s Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services practice in Houston, Texas. William was also the FTDS America’s Lead for collections and forensic investigations. William began his career in this area as a Special Agent with the FBI where he received training in general investigative techniques, computer intrusion and security matters and national intelligence and counterintelligence matters. William was also certified through the FBI laboratory as a Certified Computer Forensics Examiner for the FBI’s Computer Analysis Response Team (CART). During his service, William managed the computer forensics lab for the Houston office of the FBI and was involved in nearly all the 200+ federal matters investigated by the FBI, ranging from white-collar crime to terrorism and national security matters. William has testified as an expert in over 30 cases in Federal and State matters in over 20 locations across the US in criminal, civil and administrative courts.

William has a Bachelor of Science in both Computer Science and Mathematics. He has received certifications from the FBI in basic and advanced computer forensics certifications, to include Windows, Unix & Linux, Apple Operating Systems and IBM AS/400, as well as Advanced Computer Intrusion Detection and Countermeasures and General Investigator Techniques. William has also received the following certifications and advanced training: EnCE, EnCase Enterprise, Steganography and Malware, FTK and iConnect Administration. William was also an Adjunct Professor of the Digital Forensics Masters Program at Sam Houston State University.