Wayne A. Hill Jr., Esq.

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As a former litigator, Mr. Hill understands the importance of effectively managing electronically stored information both prior to and during a legal or compliance matter.  Litigation is by nature reactive and counsel must “dance with the date they came with”, i.e. counsel must uncover their clients’ relationship to their own data (how it is created, stored and managed).  Counsel then has to determine how effectively to collect, process and review data from responsive custodians. 

Hill assists his clients by bridging the legal and IT worlds.  He creates workflows and consults on a wide range of complex matters in following areas:

Information Governance

  • Data Mapping
  • Assessing litigation readiness
  • Retiring large client archives
  • Creating data retention policies and schedules
  • Creating backup retention and defensible deletion policies

Litigation & Compliance Matters

  • Creating IT landscape surveys
  • Conducting custodian interviews
  • Drafting preservation and collection protocols
  • Consulting and attending 26(f) conferences with counsel
  • Optimizing search terms and strings for clients
  • Consulting on Technology Assisted Review workflows

Prior to joining DTI, Hill was a Director in the Client Advisory Services group of Merrill Corporation, engaging in the same work on behalf of Merrill’s clients.  A graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School, Hill practiced law from 1992-2005 in New York State and Federal Courts.