Tracy D. Drynan

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Tracy D. Drynan is a senior attorney in the firm's Litigation Group.

Tracy has extensive experience across the E-Discovery lifecycle including, interpreting Requests for Information and Complaints to identify sources of relevant information, developing strategies for targeting and gathering data, performing custodial interviews, and managing the collection of information.

Tracy’s experience also includes developing strategies for analyzing relevant data, conducting in depth investigations into the data prior to production, and producing data after vetting and processing the data for protected privilege and PII.  Additionally, she has developed tools that were critical to and used throughout the matter lifecycle.

In General. Tracy earned her law degree from University of Denver College of LawShe earned her master’s degree from University of Denver Graduate School of International Studies and her bachelor’s degree from University of Nevada. Tracy also recently completed coursework in legal project management, legal technology, and e-discovery at Georgetown University School of Continuing Education for Legal Professionals.