Tracy D. Drynan

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Senior Staff Attorney in the Information Governance and eDiscovery Group within the Commercial Litigation Group, a forward-looking, tech savvy group founded to help in-house counsel, executives, and management deal with growing legal and risk management aspects related to ESI (including email, documents, databases, voice mails, chat and text data, client transactions, and customer data).

Focus on understanding how and why clients generate and utilize digital information, then advising on best uses of that information and minimization of risks associated with its storage. Group works closely with the firm’s subsidiary, Tritura Information Governance LLC, a provider of state of the art ediscovery technology and services. Services of group:

• Compliance & Risk Management: Create best practices and internal policies related to social media, computers and hand-held mobile devices, servers, and more. Develop and rollout retention policies, including employee training. Detect fraud and other employee misconduct in its early stages, or confirm employees’ good conduct. Vet internal candidates for executive and management positions. Separate data with heightened confidentiality (such as held by broad members, executives, in-house counsel, and other control groups) from general data pool.

• Litigation & Investigations: Inventory and classify existing information, as well as help install new information systems. Develop modern, streamlined reporting systems to respond to requests of regulators, internal investigators, in-house attorneys, and defense counsel. See less