Tom Groom

VP, Senior ConsultantD4ConnectContact
Tom is a recognized eDiscovery expert with more than two decades of experience in information technology and 15 years focused on litigation support, document review, and eDiscovery methodologies. As the Vice President of Discovery Engineering at D4, Tom advises both corporate and law firm clients on issues involving ESI, including defensible collection methodologies, optimized ESI processing and review workflows, and litigation contingency and readiness planning.

Tom has presented numerous MCLEs and training seminars on ESI topics including optimized ESI workflows with various approaches to Native File Review and production methodologies. He is also the point person for matters involving complex electronic discovery services, production coordination, high-volume imaging efforts, Web-based repositories, and complex coding projects.

Tom has supported cases involving mergers & acquisitions, antitrust, securities, environmental, patent infringement, products liability, as well as other general litigation. Tom’s career began with IBM where he was employed for eight years as a System Engineer for the National Accounts division. He was then the Senior Business Development Manager for IKON Digital Litigation Services. Tom spent three years in the Geospatial software development and computer storage industries before joining Whitmont in 2004, which later became D4.

Tom has received numerous awards for his innovative ideas and top performance. He holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on computer information systems from Arizona State University and a Bachelors of Science, Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas.