Timothy LaTulippe, EnCE, CCE, MiCFE, CCPA, DFCP

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Tim LaTulippe is a Certified Forensic Examiner and the Director of Altep’s European division. He focuses on assisting clients throughout the EU with complex investigations, data privacy, and information security. With a BS in Computer and Digital Forensics, and a Master of Science in Data Forensics Management (MSc (Hon)), Timothy holds a variety of certifications including EnCE, CCE and ACE. He has assisted in complex investigations in both the public and private sectors, working with government agencies, Fortune 100 corporations and AM Law 100 firms to provide complete, correct analysis of incidents and issues.

Formerly a Senior Forensic Examiner with Digital Forensics, Inc., Timothy has served as an expert witness in a variety of State, Federal and military proceedings. His broad experience includes matters involving trade secret theft, medical malpractice, intellectual property theft, unfair business practice, fraud and internal investigations. Additionally, Timothy is the author of “Working Inside the Box: Real Life Example of GDS in a Forensic Examination,” which was published in The Journal of Digital Forensics Security & Law, and “The Need for Targeted Collections in a Diminished Economy.”

Tim is regularly engaged in the London Insurance Market as both a consultant/expert and as a guest lecturer. Altep have been a corporate partner of the London Market Technology Exchange (LMTE) and London Market People (LMP) since early 2015; in that context, Tim works with major insurers in the London market on both claims defence and internal employment matters ranging from large-scale “team moves” to trade secret theft.

Timothy LaTulippe