Thom Wisinski

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I have been in the legal technology industry for more than 20 years and currently serve as the firm’s Chief Knowledge Officer. As one of the many hats I wears in this position, I am the firm’s internal consultant for matters that deal with electronic evidence, litigation hold, records retention issues, and litigation technology. I am also an active member and participant of The Sedona Conference (  

I have presided over the firm’s innovative electronic discovery practices since mid 90’s, when the firm’s Securities Litigation practice helped transform the requirements for immediate preservation issues. I have overseen data management for numerous litigations and investigations. Wisinski uses technology tools to manage the large volume of electronic data these litigations and investigations produce, ensuring that discovery documents, testimony, and exhibits are organized and readily accessible to meet the needs of the case at hand.

Mr. Wisinski regularly advises clients and the firm’s attorneys in the following areas:

∙ Preservation of evidence and the litigation hold process

∙ Electronic discovery

∙ Document review and production

∙ The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as it relates to electronically stored information and discovery

∙ Document retention

∙ Knowledge management issues