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Terence Herlihy

Solutions Architect

Terence Herlihy advises clients on the best practices and strategies for managing discovery issues in complex litigation. As an attorney with ten years of experience in the legal technology industry, his insight into contemporary discovery challenges provides the foundation for crafting a proactive approach to provide clients a competitive edge.

From consulting with clients on litigation readiness and discovery plans, to developing international data acquisition strategies and through the use of analytics for document review, Herlihy balances the use of technology with the goals of the corporate and legal teams. His diverse background affords him the well-rounded skills to provide a high level of strategy and coordination between all stakeholders to ensure defensibility and transparency.

Herlihy specializes in practice areas involving mass tort, multi-district litigation, contract dispute, intellectual property and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations. He also works proactively with counsel in responding to Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Requests, Securities and Exchange Commission investigations and preparing
for bankruptcy hearings. Each of these types of proceedings is notorious for having tight deadlines while facing high levels of scrutiny by regulators regarding compliance. Herlihy also has experience with internal investigations to satisfy an informal demand made by a government official or agency. The clients involved
in these matters have included those in the financial services sector, health care related industries, law firms and technology companies.

Herlihy has a J.D. from Hofstra University, School of Law and a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems from Baruch College. He has extensive experience with various types of legal software and database applications including Relativity®, Concordance®,LAWPreDiscoveryTM,eCapture,andMicrosoft® SQLServer®.