Shawn Huston

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“Shawn Huston serves as Co-Founder and Managing Director of LSP Data Solutions in Philadelphia and partners with ESI Attorneys.  He is a leading experts on eDiscovery and data technology with expertise spans more than twenty years of hands on application of data analytics, processing, project management and linguistic search practices for countless Fortune 500 and AMLAW 100 clients. Shawn’s project experience comprises noteworthy matters including the Enron bankruptcy litigation, WorldCom and Adelphia fraud cases, Wall Street Ponzi schemes, Northwest-Delta second request, United-Continental second request, Mesothelioma MDL, Verisign anti-trust litigation and others. As the principal data expert on various large-scale eDiscovery matters he has managed teams of 50+ data analysts to process and manage hundreds of terabytes of data. Shawn has innovated new workflows in the area of automated speech-to-text in the development of text based searching of multi-media ESI in an eDiscovery workflow and has led development teams in technical considerations related to the parsing of unstructured data as well as the application of NLP search functionality in review database applications.”