Shawn Cheadle

General CounselMilitary Space, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co.Connect

Support Military Space, a $3.0B Space Systems Co. (SSC) line of business, on multiple U.S. government programs including Space-based Infrared Radar Systems (SBIRS) satellites, Global Positioning Systems II (GPS II) and GPS III satellites, and several classified programs. Also support international and U.S. government commercial satellite data sales. Serve as counsel to several multifunctional organizations with Space Systems, and serve as counsel to e-Discovery and records management.

Provide direct support and counsel to executive leadership team on all government and business transactions, legal matter and business strategic plans. Conduct training plans for critical developments in laws such as mandatory reporting to the Office of Inspector General and contractor duties regarding counterfeit parts. Ensure executive compliance with foreign hospitality, anti-corruption laws and business ethics.