Sasha Hefler

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Award winning 10 plus years sales and marketing professional in major corporate environments within multiple verticals. Currently, in-house at UBIC, Inc. to lead all of the U.S. brand, public relations as well as marketing efforts nationally. The company experienced tremendous growth with her strategic efforts and knowledge of the eDiscovery sector in several verticals beyond just legal. 

Within an extensive 20 year corporate career, Sasha Hefler has garnered an array of diverse experiences primarily in sales, advertising and brand marketing. Sasha Hefler is the Founder and President of Strategic Brands on Fire. Her skill set allows her to understand the strategy behind eDiscovery issues and to drive a consistent branding strategy for those in legal services and other industry sectors. 

During her tenure as the Vice President of Global Strategy & Communications, she was responsible for eTERA Consulting’s marketing, business development, branding of corporate image and educational events. Sasha was the Chief Architect of eTERA’s Corporate Strategy Group and Legal Management Development Program. 

Prior to joining eTERA, Ms. Hefler was the President of the Masters Conference, where she developed the event into one of the legal industry’s most respected educational conferences. She increased revenue by 300% after overseeing the complete process of strategic implementation, managed a team to execute the business plan and overall sales structure, prepared a company to be sold within a three year time period.

Sasha’s previous experience includes a wide range of business expertise including ten years managing large advertising accounts for McDonalds, American Express, and Sea World.

Assets: Negotiations of multi-million dollar contracts, marketing, strategic planning, legal recruiting, legal technological solutions, artificial intelligence and branding start-up companies while delivering measurable results.