Richard A. Levie, Hon. (Ret.)

Hon. Richard A. Levie (Ret.)

Hon. Richard A. Levie (Ret.) is widely respected for his ability to manage and resolve the most complex cases.

Judge Levie mediates, arbitrates, and serves as a case evaluator in a large variety of complex business and commercial disputes, including: insurance, healthcare, technology, contracts, professional liability, tort, antitrust, executive compensation, franchising, partnership product liability, patent, ERISA, accounting, bankruptcy, telecommunications, employment, class actions, and construction cases. He has more than three decades of experience handling complex business and related cases as a litigator, judge, and neutral.

As a mediator, Judge Levie draws on his professional experiences, ability to relate to people, creativity, and tenacity to work exhaustively with parties and counsel to reach a resolution. As an arbitrator, Judge Levie works with counsel to develop a comprehensive case management order that is appropriate to the particular dispute. He then guides proceedings in an efficient, expeditious, and cost-effective manner towards hearing and decision.