Richard Clark

Marketing Expert within the Legal Community KURO GROUPConnect

Starting in the legal industry in early '02 in Orlando, FL, after graduating at Liberty University with a B.A. in Communications, I quickly became acclimated with the legal discovery process. I started as an account manager with Digital Legal Services, and since the company was agile with the changing technology, I was able to assist clients with better productivity in their discovery process with paper and electronic data. 

In starting Wave Software, I have had the honor of working with amazing people within Corporate In-house Counsel, Government, Law Firm, Consulting Companies and Litigation Support Service Providers for data culling and management before Attorney Review.

In concert with starting Wave Software, I was able to assist in the development, positioning and marketing of The Masters Conference in Washington DC for the first 3 conferences. My core focus was to bring in sponsors and attendees. After immediate success with the first Masters Conference it was able to grow on its own and I was able to focus solely on Wave Software's platforms.

Building on my Litigation Support career on the services, conference and software, I joined iCONECT to launch their product XERA. The change has allowed me to merge all of my experience to consult from Data Collection, Early Data Assessment with Analytics, Linear Attorney Review and Production.

Specialties: Data collection and Electronic Discovery, Technology Consulting, Attorney Review, Analytics, Early Data Assessment, Production, Case Consulting, Business Development, Software Consulting, EDRM Consulting