Ralph Colby Losey

Attorney / Shareholder and National e-Discovery CounselJackson LewisConnectContact

Practicing attorney, shareholder and National e-Discovery Counsel for Jackson Lewis PC, an 800+ attorney law firm with 52 offices in U.S. Served as commercial litigation attorney 1980-2006. Specialist in electronic discovery, with a sub-speciality in electronic document review using artificial intelligence. Author of five books and a blog with opinion, analysis and news since 2006: e-DiscoveryTeam.com. Founder of the Electronic Discovery Best Practices group (EDBP.com), an online training course, e-DiscoveryTeamTraining.com, and an information resource on cybersecurity for lawyers, eDiscoverySecurity.com. 
Special interest in the science of legal search, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Developed a Hybrid Multimodal legal search method using Predictive Coding and a Bottom Line Driven Proportional approach. Participated in multiple scientific tests of effectiveness of these methods. See: LegalSearchScience.com, AI-enhancedReview.com, and BottomLineDriveReview.com. Ralph is well-known as the lead e-discovery attorney in the landmark "Da Silva Moore" predictive coding approval case in the SDNY. 
Author of five books on e-discovery law, and over 500 hundred legal technical articles. His latest law review article is "Predictive Coding and the Proportionality Doctrine: a Marriage Made in Big Data," 26 Regent U. Law Review 1 (2013-2014).