Peter Vogel

Gardere Wynne Sewell LLPPartnerConnect

Lawyer, Special Master, and Arbitrator for Information Technology (IT) and Internet Service disputes and contract negotiations. 

After receiving his Masters in Computer Science and experience as a programmer, Peter has been involved with the IT industry for several decades.
As a lawyer for the more than 30 years for clients in healthcare, international manufacturing, state & local government, utilities, and eCommerce, Peter negotiates contracts and litigates disputes regarding:

*Software Development & EPR Implementation Projects
*Patent, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Trademarks Ownership and Infringement
*Internet eCommerce and Social Media including Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
*Domain Name Disputes
*Blockchain integration
*Artificial Intelligence (AI) eCommerce applications

Peter assists client with cybersecurity & privacy by assisting in creating and testing Incident Response Plans (IRP), and responding after cyber intrusions.

For more than 25 years Peter has served as an Arbitrator for the AAA and as a court-ordered Mediator in disputes regarding IT Contracts, Intellectual Property, and Internet Disputes.

Peter has also served as a court appointed Special Master in state and federal courts litigation related to disputes regarding Cyber Intrusions, ERP Implementations, Software Development Projects, Intellectual Property, eCommerce, Domain Names, and eDiscovery.