Paulius Jurcys

IP | AR/VR | Blockchain | CopyrightX Fellow | ICOMOSCreative CommonsConnect

I am IP lawyer currently based in San Francisco and working on AR/VR, FinTech and Blockchain projects. 
My main areas of expertise are copyright, commercialization of IP, innovation and international dispute resolution. Recently my work has been focused on handling international commercial transactions, technology licensing and protection of trade secrets, copyright infringements, IP-driven spinouts, privacy, data security and cloud computing, IP ownership and monetization strategies etc.

Prior to entering the legal practice, I studied at Harvard Law School (LLM), as well as universities in Japan, Germany and Lithuania. Since 2015 I am a teaching fellow at Harvard's Copyright X project ( Besides, also a member of the International Law Association (ILA) Committee on "IP and Private International Law"​ ( and ICOMOS - International Council for Monuments and Sites (ICLAFI).

I am also publishing on various topics related to innovation, IP and blockchain and how technologies are going to help us live more abundant life. You can follow me at and find most of my academic publications at:

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