Norman Katz

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After a progressive 11-year career, Norman decided to go the entrepreneurial route in January 1996 to provide clients with independent, hands-on consultation that yield measurable improvements in supply chain relationships and reduction of unnecessary costs. Specific areas of focus include: software selection and implementation, data migration; data analysis and information insights; Electronic Data Interchange; Enterprise Resource Planning systems; revitalized operations; strengthening customer and vendor supply chain relationships; vendor compliance; technology training; user and technical documentation; and fraud assessments, internal controls, and risk management. Norman is a Florida Private Investigator, a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Fraud Specialist, Certified Controls Specialist, and has a Certification in Corporate Governance from Tulane University College of Law. He is a graduate of the University of Florida. Norman has authored two globally distributed first-of-their topic books: “Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud” (August 2012) and “Successful Supply Chain Vendor Compliance” (December 2015). He is a national and international presenter with over 45 speaking engagements to-date.