Noriswadi Ismail

Managing Director, Data Privacy,AnkuraConnectContact

U.K, EMEA and Asia Data Privacy Consulting Practice Leader; Global Data Protection and Privacy Specialist; Diversity & Inclusion Champion.

Experienced in Financial Services, Automotive, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Energy & Asset, Products & Services, (Consumer Products), Retail, Public Sector (Regulatory), Food and Beverages, Hospitality, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas - ranging from Start up, mid-sized, mid-markets to Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and FTSE 250.

Leading strategic relationship management with the International Association Privacy Professional (IAPP) - Former Asia Advisory Board Member of IAPP. Experienced in collaborative Global business development, Go2Market and regulatory comparative leadership experience in the U.K, E.U (Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Greece and Malta); Africa (Mauritius); China, India, ASEAN (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines); APAC & Oceania (Australia, Japan and New Zealand).

Pragmatic & globally cultured privacy leader in coaching, training, transformation, proposal management, project commercial and delivery and quality assurance of clients’ engagement. Deep specialism in global data transfer between EEA and ASEAN and the U.S (Binding Corporate Rules and APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules).

Strong knowledge of global data privacy laws, regulations and policies. Business and marketplace awareness of current frameworks, technologies, emerging trends, and best practices related to data privacy. Experience in implementing privacy and information security programs including, requirements definition, data flow analysis, risk assessments and strategy development relating to policies and procedures, business process controls, incident response plans, monitoring, reporting, coaching, training and awareness programmes.

Author of 2 books in data protection. Currently writing 3rd book (forthcoming publication by 2020-2021). 

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