Michael Trahar

DirectorForensic Risk AllianceConnect

Mike is a Director at Forensic Risk Alliance, an internationally recognized market leader in
forensic investigations, complex data analytics, compliance, and cross-border eDiscovery. He has 14 years of experience as an attorney conducting global investigations for multinational companies in more than 30 countries across a number of industries. He has experience with every phase of investigations, including external audits and compliance counseling, initial responses to whistleblower allegations, interviews of hundreds of employees, and negotiations with the DOJ and SEC. Mike's trial experience in complex commercial civil cases in federal and state courts throughout the US give him an understanding of the legal issues that impact every investigation, including foreign data privacy and local labor laws, jurisdictional questions, and the rules of evidence.

Prior to entering law, he was a U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer for 12 years, planning, coordinating and executing multinational coalition exercises and U.S. and NATO contingency operations throughout Asia, the Pacific Ocean, the Persian Gulf, and the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas.