Matthew De Leon

Vice President of InvestigationsTrustifyConnect

Matt De Leon, a private investigator based in Alexandria, Virginia, not only meets that standard, but raises it with every case he closes.Since he began working for us this past July, De Leon has become a Trustify favorite, always eager to take a new case and never failing to keep his clients in the loop. We recently chatted with De Leon about what life is like as a private investigator, including the most jaw-dropping, heart-pounding case he has worked on so far. Before De Leon was a private investigator, he worked in the legal field for 15 years. His legal background has given him a “unique and insightful perspective” in the PI world, as many of his clients are law firms. “Having dealt with [legal] vendors, I know the frustration of trying to see where things stand and not getting answers,” said De Leon. “That’s why I try to update my clients as much as possible while working on their cases.”


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