Marnie Carter

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Thanks for stopping by to view my profile. I have a passion for helping others, solving problems and working collaboratively. This fire was ignited at the age of 7 when working in my parents' restaurant which led to a job managing a national ice cream franchise early in my career. Attention to Client Service has continued to be a focus during my extensive work with cross-functional legal teams on numerous litigation matters and internal investigations. Whether managing and coordinating eDiscovery projects or working with enterprise environments in fulfillment of policies and protocols to achieve compliance, I approach each challenge in a manner that consistently promotes and models teamwork.

Fundamental skills in Project Management have been key to my success as a consultant; in provision of support to law firms and enterprise organizations; and in public service. My training in this area began as an Explorer Cadet with the local Police Department and advanced during service in the U.S. Army. A key strength is my strategic work in partnership with business leaders across Human Resources, IT, Learning and Development, Legal, Marketing and Procurement to ensure timely, efficient and effective progress on activities related to global information governance and litigation readiness. Comprehensive consultation with case teams and organization leaders to effectively develop and apply technical strategies requires an ability to maintain composure and understand business requirements and goals. I have led operations and training in order to develop and implement Project Plans with specialization in eDiscovery processes. This work has included document, records and information management programs; data preservation and collection, processing, document review, document production and trial support.

My mission is to mentor, teach and provide help to teams in a manner that inspires achievement. To learn more about my profile, email or call 415/203-6393.