Mark Friedler

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An entrepreneurial strategic business development, sales and marketing leader with an international career building SaaS, media, games, digital currencies and on-demand apps into segment leaders. Mark is focused building blockchain, cryptocurrency companies as an advisor, investor and coach. He's built 3 media and mobile startups, sold to Verizon Wireless, TimeWarner AOL and Eurogamer. He spent 2 years in Martech for vertical markets at Oracle Marketing Cloud and big data at Oracle Data Cloud. He's a Silicon Valley based exec, player/coach who builds and leads teams, grows revenues, strategic partnerships and delivers exceptional results. 

Expertise ---- SaaS, enterprise software, blockchain, crypto currencies, on-demand apps, media, partner alliances, C-level deals, ad tech, games, content marketing, monetization, payments, product innovation, sales management, startups, revenue growth, corporate and business development, fundraising, M&A. Advisor to international VC accelerator, blockchain companies and startups.