Lindsay Stevens

Director of Software Development Liquid Litigation Management, Inc.Connect

Lindsay Stevens, Director of Software Development at Liquid Litigation Management, Inc. (LLM), provides a guiding hand in the day-to-day development and customization of LLM's online products. She has tremendous experience supporting large-scale litigations involving multiple parties. She utilizes this experience to provide assistance to clients when customizing the product and to guide the development of new features.

Prior to her arrival at LLM, Ms. Stevens participated in several projects to integrate software applications at large energy and IT corporations. During these projects she designed processes to transfer and reconcile existing data between applications and incorporated evolving industry standards as features into the systems. Ms. Stevens also provided training to users and collaborated with them to create reporting and management tools that fit their business requirements. Her experience spans technologies in the areas of databases, client-server applications and web-based technologies.

Ms. Stevens graduated cum laude from Rice University with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and a BA in French Studies.