Leonid Balaban, M.S., CEDS

IT Security Analyst-eDiscovery/IT AdministratorUniversity of Colorado

Master’s educated, Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS)/IT professional with extensive experience providing leadership and support to drive the achievement of key organizational IT-related goals and objectives. I am skilled at developing and implementing highly effective technical security/eDiscovery strategy built around best practices to place the organizational on a stronger technical standing. In addition, I am able to build and maintain strong, long-term relationships with IT partners and stakeholders based on the effectiveness of the solutions and the level of support delivered.  

I am continually recognized for the ability to deliver exceptional results while leading in fast-paced, dynamic technical environments.  

Areas of Expertise Include:
• Technical Solutions • IT Security Leadership • Service Excellence
• IT Team Leadership • Project Management • Technical Project Resolution
• System Administration • Technical Security Analysis • eDiscovery 
• Software Implementation & Support • Technical Process Improvement • Technical Security
• Security Strategy & Execution • IT Procurement • Technical Documentation