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Khrhysna "Khrys" McKinney provides the benefit of more than 20 years of legal technology services and management experience. She has worked with numerous AmLaw100 law firms, Big 4 consulting organizations and their Fortune 500 clients with complex information management matters. She has provided these organizations with services associated with operations, staffing, business deals and cases. Her expertise covers areas such as electronic discovery, legal information technology, staffing, training, database management systems, and special applications used for large-scale litigation. Her career began with 18 years of leadership in a Texas based Amlaw 100/Global 200 firm, where she built an in-house Litigation Support and eDiscovery operation. She managed these functions concurrently with teams dedicated to Help Desk support, computer training, trial services, and special application development for legal matters. She led that firm to be one of the first to implement forensic collections and electronic discovery technology in the nation. She was responsible for an internal profit center operation of more than 300 people who populated databases that produced millions of dollars for the firm per year. She also has held numerous executive posts in legal technology professional organizations on a local and national level.

Khrys later developed a boutique consulting and staffing firm dedicated to applying technology to the practice of law. With an eye to the future, this firm maintains an active role in developing relationships, people, and technology to positively impact the practice of law. The core values of the organization include client elevation, proactive service, persistent results, mutual achievement and constant learning. In this venture, she has helped eDiscovery service organizations develop processes, plan marketing initiatives, restore client satisfaction, evaluate software, elevate service quality, recruit employees, staff projects, develop case studies, prepare marketing content, redefine branding, setup facilities, screen vendors, and respond to RFPs.

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