Joanna Roman

Owner and Director Flatwater ForensicsConnectContact

Joanna Roman, Owner and Director of Flatwater Forensics, LLC, a consultancy designed to navigate its clients through the increasing digital complexity of law and business.

Joanna draws on over 25 years of expertise in ESI and digital litigation in federal and state courts across the country as a trial and complex-litigation paralegal, and as an eDiscovery liaison.

As a project manager and investigator, Joanna provides a broad and deep knowledge of all facets of complex commercial and employment litigation, specializing in courtroom eDiscovery requirements. Joanna is Flatwater’s resident expert on ESI review tools, with extensive experience utilizing numerous eDiscovery and forensic platforms to analyze, organize and prepare large data sets for use by counsel.

Joanna has also been involved in numerous internal investigations and is skilled at coordinating and leading investigative teams, conducting interviews, and identifying relevant data to be preserved.

Joanna is a key relationship-builder for Flatwater, spearheading several strategic partnerships and developing an ever-expanding network of partners, clients, and thought leaders in ESI and forensics.