Jim Shook

DirectorEMC Corporation

Jim is a recognized authority on eDiscovery/eDisclosure, information governance and compliance.  As the Director of the EMC team, Jim works with companies every day to help solve their challenges with electronically stored information, particularly in eDiscovery, compliance and privacy.

Since 2004, Jim has been a member of and contributor to The Sedona Conference, a well-known legal think tank.  He has served as an editor on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and publishes and speaks frequently at conferences on the intersection of law and technology.  In early 2011,  Jim co-authored a two-part “flip” book entitled “The Lawyer’s Guide / The Technologist’s Guide to EDiscovery For Dummies”, available at www.emc.com/ediscovery4IT.  Recent public presentations have dealt with the impact of Cloud Computing and Social Media on compliance issues.  Jim is also a frequent contributor to the EMC Information Governance blog at EmcSourceOneInsider.wordpress.com and on Twitter at JamesDShookEsq.

Prior to joining EMC, Jim spent over ten years practicing law as a litigator in one of Phoenix's oldest law firms and as general counsel to two technology companies.  Jim’s background also includes a BS in Computer Science.