Jeffrey Salling

eDiscovery Counsel. Adjunct Professor. Legal Technology. Cross Border. Data Privacy.Complete Discovery SourceConnect

I am a manager, businessman, lawyer, professor, speaker, and an expert in eDiscovery.

I am in the business of eDiscovery. I meet with clients and help them solve their eDiscovery concerns. Some clients need guidance drafting RFPs, designing a process for Privileged Logs, or figuring out how to collect their electronically stored information (ESI). Others need help with processing and hosting data or implementing defensible Technology Assisted Review (TAR). In the past, I managed and trained hundreds of attorneys to perform document review for litigations/investigations around the world. I also mastered the application of “Attorney-Client Privileged” and “Work Product,” to ensure defensible Privileged Logs. 

Complete Discovery Source (CDS) has handled some of the largest litigations and investigations in the world. We have a robust team of industry leaders who know how to perform the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). We are equipped to handle class actions, 2nd Requests, internal investigations, etc. Additionally, we are a minority-owned business.

As a professor, I teach eDiscovery at John Marshall Law School. First, I want my students to understand the EDRM. Second, I want them to understand the industry. Electronic data is so ingrained into society (and the practice of law) that an understanding of how electronic data behaves is imperative.

Aside from teaching, I do presentations on eDiscovery. Every company needs to train their entire team (not just legal) on the risks associated with electronic data. I can go into an office and speak to a group of traders, doctors, or baseball players and warn them about the liability associated with emails, instant messaging, and text messaging.

In short, I am a translator in the field—as an attorney with an in-depth understanding of eDiscovery, I can liaise between attorneys and technologists.

Various other areas of impact: Information Governance, Data Privacy, Cross Border Discovery, Records Management.

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