Jean-Claude Monney

Chief Knowledge OfficerMicrosoftConnect

When managed, Knowledge is the most precious renewable asset in the world to create value.

When you think of Zika or terrorism—or the fourth industrial revolution transformation the world is going through — there is no single person that can tackle these monumental challenges and create sustainable value acting alone in a vacuum. 

Therefore, Knowledge Management is emerging as one of the most impactful tools in today’s global landscape. The ability for companies and governments to tap into their collective knowledge and programmatically transfer that knowledge across teams and geographies can mean the difference between lagging behind or acting with the speed and agility necessary to compete in today’s connected economy.  

At Microsoft, our KM vision is:
“To empower every employee with instant, relevant knowledge in context”.

Our KM initiative goal is to programmatically embed our Microsoft collective knowledge into every deliverable as the ultimate way to create value for our customers, partners, employees and Microsoft.

Since I started practicing KM in 1997, I have been continuously sharing my lessons learned to both public and private organizations including: NASA, The World Bank and at more than 50 Fortune 500 companies.