Helen Jane Penwill

Assistant Vice President, Discovery Project ManagerJPMorgan

I preserve and collect data for new legal matters, ensuring all legal requirements, including custodian notification, are met. Having devised the data privacy clearance process for e-discovery for the firm, I work closely with the data privacy lawyer, and draft responses, interpret jurisdictional laws and liaise with country specialists. I case manage all EMEA matters for the firm, providing support to all litigators in Europe and managing time and outcome expectations. This involves working with outside counsel to meet deadlines and the provision of informed responses. Aside from providing technical assistance to the attorney and explaining data failures for the courts, I act as the middle man with outside counsel, providing weekly case updates and up to dates timelines. Beyond this, I provide assistance to the London litigation team, assisting with document reviews, sealing documents and general administrative duties. I attend outside counsel legal updates and court cases where necessary. The role requires great time management, an ability to manage expectations and an understanding of the law in a number of jurisdictions. 
Time management in this role is key due to the number of individuals and groups reliant on my assistance. It is important to communicate successfully, clearly and concisely due to the tight time constraints I work under. I play a key role in three teams and require strong teamwork on a daily basis.