George Kiersted


George Kiersted, CEO and cofounder of cybersecurity consultancy Ecuron, is an eDiscovery pioneer. Having helped to grow the eDiscovery industry from infancy to maturity, Mr. Kiersted founded and led Kiersted Systems for 33 years. Mr. Kiersted continues to innovate and deliver effective solutions to all manner of entities participating in the legal value chain and beyond through Ecuron. Ecuron is a global boutique information security and cybersecurity consulting company with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Ecuron’s mission is to secure its partner's data and protect them every step of the way through its Leveraged Information Security Services (LISS™). Ecuron specializes in efficiently yet rigorously preparing its partners for ISO/IEC 27001/27002 certification and through ongoing partnership to maintain security, adapt to changing needs, identify and respond to emerging threats, and work with management in continuous support of compliance. Ecuron provides security assessment to clients engaged in mergers and acquisitions and to those wishing to ensure their vendors are secure. To learn more visit

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